POPPY WS is a British singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist living in Worcester.

Her unique piano style stems from a cocktail of ragtime, classical and jazz; her rhythms from roots reggae to trip hop & drum and bass; and a voice resembling the tones of Eva Cassidy and Hollie Cook all blended into her own independent genre.

In July 2016, Poppy busked and supported world-renowned singer Seal, has also worked alongside Laney Amplification and Tanglewood guitars and had her original song ‘Someone Else’ listed on BBC 6’s fresh picks, 2018.

Independently, Poppy WS has self-produced both an acoustic album and EP over the last couple of years and is going from strength to strength with full band arrangements, incorporating live looping and reaching out to larger audiences. Her energy and contrasts between reggae rhythms to downtone jazz influences integrated through looping multiple instruments make for a heartwarming and engaging performance.









“Her style was classical mixed with blues, mixed with an individuality I can’t liken to anyone else. Her own songs were quirky but catchy, and had a realness about them that you can only feel when an artist has lived and breathed what they write about.”
– Kate Ford, local music journalist (2017)
April 2018, she self-produced and recorded her second release of the EP ‘Rep.’, influenced from her recent exploration with a looping station. With choppy guitar rhythms, classically induced piano grooves, simple and effective bass lines combined ‘with her original sound, beautiful voice, and collection of obvious hooks, Poppy WS has produced a brilliant, varied and engaging affair thats well worth seeking out.’
“The sound of a Singer-Songwriter doing everything her own way”
– SlapMag, 2018