Poppy WS is a British singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist originally from Brighton and is now currently based in the Midlands, UK.
After studying for a music degree in Leeds to then working the bar in Worcester, she became restless and in 2016 made spontaneous move to Manchester.
Fed up working the bar scene to pay the bills, she quit and within a day and began to busk on the streets of Manchester full time from that next day on and never looked back.
Busking quickly helped her find her feet and gave her all the experience and resilience she’d need diving head first into the industry. Although challenging most days, she learnt the gravity of action and taking life into your own hands.

Playing the streets brought unforseen opportunities and July that year, she was founded by world-renowned singer Seal whom she collaborated with and was then invited to open for his concert the same evening. This opportunity brought with it many decisions and definitions of what being an artist meant to her. She collaborated with Seal two times following this encounter; one in Newquay where she was interviewed live on BBC Breakfast the following day and the other Carfest 2016.

Since this experience, Poppy decided to focus independently on her music and continued to busk and further her experience in recording and producing. February 2017 she released her first album ‘Poppy WS Acoustic’ which she wrote, recorded, produced and designed herself and sold out of copies within the first month of release. With fans from all around the world including Canada, America, New Zealand, Japan and Europe she has taken strides to maintain this fanbase and takes great pride in staying connected.

Poppy’s influences have built up as a catalogue since from the age of fourteen; her unique piano presence stems from a cocktail of ragtime, classical and jazz; her rhythms from modern and roots reggae, trip hop, drum and bass; and her voice said to resemble the sultry tones of Norah Jones and Melody Gardot with a unique edge, independent from any defined genre.
‘Her style was classical mixed with blues, mixed with an individuality I can’t liken to anyone else.’ ‘Her own songs were quirky but catchy, and had a realness about them that you can only feel when an artist has lived and breathed what they write about.’
-Kate Ford, local live music reviewer
Accumulating inspiration from both recorded and live experiences of all styles, standards and variety; her original material can’t help but reflect an eclectic and refreshing taste of diversity. She has “The sound of a Singer-Songwriter doing everything her own way” (SlapMap, 2018).

April 2018, she self-produced and recorded her second release of the EP ‘Rep.’, influenced from her recent exploration with a looping station. With choppy guitar rhythms, classically induced piano grooves, simple and effective bass lines combined ‘with her original sound, beautiful voice, and collection of obvious hooks, Poppy WS has produced a brilliant, varied and engaging affair thats well worth seeking out.’ (SlapMag).

The future is bright yet undefined for Poppy WS; with her burning passion for writing music open to all genres and her newly found freedom of looping as a one-woman band, she plans to gig around the UK and beyond whilst continuing to write and release her own music as an independent artist.