Poppy WS is a British singer and songwriter and multi-instrumentalist living in the midlands, UK.
Growing up in Brighton she developed a passion for music through a close friendship which for many years fuelled her appreciation for independently exploring and listening to a variety of genres. Intermittent piano lessons from a young age went hand in hand with this hunger for finding new music and inadvertently paved the way towards a full-time career.
At the age of 18 she began to teach herself guitar which came hand in hand with songwriting. Surrounding herself around other musicians with years of experience in both performance and technology was a driving force for her to improve at a faster pace. After recording her first written song ‘In The Sun’ as one of her University projects, she built up the confidence to play open mics nights and a couple of small introductory gigs around Leeds.
By the end of 2015, Poppy had moved to Manchester with a single musical connection. Here she sang regularly with Manchester’s local band Ladies Darts Night on ‘Sinister’ and after 6 months of bar work, quit in February the following year and spent the remainder of her money on a portable amp.
From here on, busking became a full-time job where she swiftly improved her skills and confidence in playing and performing and began to work on a more professional level playing piano in Harvey Nichol’s as well as working as a vocalist for a band in Mallorca.
After these few months of full-time busking, by chance she was approached on the street by world-renowned Singer Seal. Following a joint performance on the street, she was asked to open his show at Bridgewater Hall the same evening and joined him in Newquay the following day. She was interviewed on BBC Breakfast in Newquay about her experiences and also joined Seal at Carfest 2016.
Poppy continued to busk in Manchester until the end of Summer and then travelled around Europe over September busking in over 6 countries. She then moved back to Worcester to concentrate on writing and recording.
‘Poppy WS Acoustic’ recorded, produced and distributed in the February 2017 sold out within the first couple of months internationally. Over the next year she spent time developing and evolving her performance and music taking inspiration from live looping to expand gig opportunities. December 2017, she performed her first full setup with piano, guitar, percussion, harmonica and melodica at the Marrs Bar, Worcester which lead her to record her EP ‘Rep.’ written to replicate her live performances. The track ‘Someone Else’ gained interest and was listed on BBC 6’s fresh picks in May, 2018.
In February 2019, she flew out to New York to perform at The Bitter End after making contact with Billy Joel’s original bassist who offered her the gig. From here on she continues to write and record and plans to move to Australia to explore new avenues.